About this project

“” is a website that you can purchase Samsung’s products and identify Samsung’s brand identity. We have been trying to provide a better customer experience (CX) beyond a user experience (UX) through At first, our team has planned and designed a new based on user research focused on generation Z, who are accustomed to using mobile devices.  And then we have gone over the feasibility based on consolidated feedback delivered by stakeholders such as branch offices of each country and each division in Samsung. The new design was successfully rolled out to 81 countries globally. Thus, we have been able to make users experience a seamless UI/UX of This project is still working on.

What I did

  • Designed a major design theme and collaborated with third party designers
  • Communicated with various stakeholders.
  • Successfully rolled out the new design of “” to 81 countries globally.

UI Flow

UI Design





Senior UI Designer


Project Leader Donghee Kim

UX Designer Jegal Yoon, Suhyung Cha

UI Designer Eunjoo Lee, Soyoung Lee

Agency leoburnett