AR Controller

About this project

“AR (Augmented Reality) Controller” is made as a mobile prototype that has a feature that users can control a TV or other devices simultaneously by using AR. This project has been started with a small idea that what if devices are controlled by AR. For using this controller, user has only to make their mobile camera perceived a device they want to control. If user makes their mobile AR controller perceived a speaker, a list of songs will be shown on the mobile screen and If user chooses one of the song of lists that be shown on the mobile screen, the song that you choose will be played in the speaker immediately. To see the lyrics and the music video about the song, user has just to make their mobile camera perceived the speaker. Moreover, AR Controller is able to control a TV as well. If user makes their mobile camera perceived a TV that is broadcasting TV shows or sports games, it will provide information related to the TV shows and sports games such as cast and stats on the mobile screen.

What I did

  • Suggested initial project concept.
  • Collaborated alongside developers closely.
  • Designed all of the visual design & motion design.
  • Got a KR patent: KR20200041554A

UI Design

Full Working Prototype




UI Designer


Director Matsuoka Fumiya

UX Designer Jiyoun Han, Jangsung Hyun

UI Designer Eunyoung Choi