Fit My Space

About this project

“Fit my space” is an application that users can simulate modular screens such as micro-LED TV of Samsung in their place by using augmented reality (AR). User is able to scan their place by using AR and then can simulate Samsung’s micro LED TV that is composed of modular screens. “Fit my space” can recognize 3 sides of the corner of walls and floor as well as 2 sides of the wall and floor. Moreover, it recommends suitable videos and images according to the screen’s ratio that user simulates. It makes user feel a sense of reality.

What I did

  • Suggested a UI concept for micro-LED TV.
  • Designed all of the visual design & motion design.
  • Collaborated alongside developers.
  • Got a KR patent: KR20200041548A

UI Design

Full Working Prototype




UI Designer


Director Matsuoka Fumiya

UX Designer Jiyeon Han