WAFFLE Application

About this project

“WAFFLE” is a social networking application that enables users to create contents together just as doodling on a wall. Creating together is the key. It’s more than users just uploading contents to their accounts and sharing them with others. Using “WAFFLE”, it becomes available for users to add contents to somebody else’s contents, and vice versa. Added contents then converge into whole new contents, just like doodles on a wall or a paper sheet. The key features of this app are users can draw pictures and upload photos in “WAFFLE”. And they can also add contents to somebody else’s and vice versa, thereby creating unique contents of their own. In other words, users will be able to create contents together with others, and those added contents will converge into whole new contents. Our team launched Waffle on the Android market and participated at South by Southwest (SXSW) which is held in Texas, Austin annually. “WAFFLE” was introduced to popular media such as The Verge and Engadget as well as It led the ranking in the newest app category on the Android market for a week. We got the best evaluation from Samsung Venture Investment.

What I did

  • Was in charge of a key UI designer.
  • Built-up an initial service concept.
  • Collaborated alongside developers closely and had an agile experience with them.
  • Made a video that is able to explain basic features.
  • Designed a visual communication design for SXSW exhibition.
  • Got a KR patent: KR101772158B1

UI Design




UX/UI Designer, Visual Communication Designer


Planner Yosep Kim

Developer  Jinhee Lee, Sungjea Kim, Sum Hwang, Namin Kim


C-Lab Accelerated by Samsung